Bulgarian-English Summer Wedding At The Granary Estates, Newmarket

“Our photos  are incredible and we absolutely love them…all of them! Thank you for the professional and emotional input. We cannot praise you enough. Thank you for being so great from the very start and the moment we met you we knew you were the one ? Thank you again for not only being our wedding photographer but a friend and rock on the crazy beautiful day!” 

bride and groom on dance floor with confetti

Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates

I was absolutely thrilled when Vanya & David booked me last year to do their Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates! I knew that their wedding was going to be something super special. This lovely couple have decided to include a few Bulgarian wedding traditions into the mix! One of them was breaking the bread -whoever gets a bigger piece means that person will be the boss in the family….David somehow managed to win this one 😉 In addition they also had a Chicken and Cake dance. This was something i’ve never seen before- and oh my goodness it was the funniest and most entertaining dance ever!! It is the best man dance off for a cooked chicken and a cake (with traditional Bulgarian music in the background)!

Furthermore, Vanya and David picked a person from each table to cut the meat for the main course and got them to wear Game of Thrones inspired aprons ‘Dinner is Coming’! 🙂 And whilst we are on the Game of Thrones subject…Vanya & David had ordered a throne! It looked exactly like the one from the program – it was definitely a hit with all the guests!

Also, we were so lucky with the weather and in the evening we have wandered off to the fields for some sunset photos. If you know me, you’ll know that this is my favourite time of the day! 🙂


“First of all, we like the venue because it is very relaxed. In addition, we love the barns and fields and knew we wanted to get married in a barn from the moment we started searching and we searched a lot. Our theme is relaxed rustic and pops of colour – presenting really our personalities if that makes sense.It is also a mixture of fun – a little bit of comic nerdiness and TV shows props. This is what we like really. There will be confetti canons during the first dance. Also, there are going to be two sets of favours – one traditional English (popcorn jars) and one Bulgaria (wooden bottles with rose oil). We are looking forward to everybody having a nice time including us of course.”

photo of hanging flower basket gardens and a barn photographed by Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates inside of The Granary Estates rose hanging on the chair step ladder decorated with ivy and frames with photos seating plan photographed by Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates pallet with photos of people hanging on it and decorated with ivy and bunting vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0019 girl hiding her smiling face behind a book photographed by Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates photo of wedding shoes lined up by the radiator on boxes girl having her make up done by the window bride standing in the door looking at hanging bridesmaid dresses girl looking at the camera smiling and holding make up bag with her name bride sitting on a chair in room having her make up done vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0169 wedding flowers on the chair photographed by Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates bride walking down the stairs in her wedding dress vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0207 game of thrones throne wedding book and polaroid on the table decorated round tables inside barn photographed by Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates round table decorated with flowers and wedding favours vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0221 pink and orange peonies in vase on the table bulgarian wedding favour on the table vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0225 bride sign hanging on the back of a chair vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0255 three boys sitting and laughing at the table man adjusting grooms tie groom putting ribbon on the orange wedding car best man licking grooms head groom and groomsmen standing and looking at the camera bride and bridesmaids walking in line flower girls holding sign and walking down the aisle photographed by Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates groom looking at the bride walking down the aisle bride and groom standing at the altar looking at eachother bride smiling and looking at her wedding ring vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0405 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0490 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0509 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0514 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0526 bride and bridesmaids standing next to each other laughing bridal party standing next to each other laughing bride and bridesmaids holding flowers to cover their heads bride and bridesmaids touching baby bump photographed by Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates groomsmen holding groom on shoulders bride and groom cuddling on the field close up of brides face with closed eyes wedding cake standing on rustic white table photographed by Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates cakes standing on step ladder vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0620 photo of cakes on plate photographed by Wedding Photography At The Granary Estates vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0627 bride and groom cutting the cake woman laughing at the table covering her face with hands groom standing up holding piece of paper during speech vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0658 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0673 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0719 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0733 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0757 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0779 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0780 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0797 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0785 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0815 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0826 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0839 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0846 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0854 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0857 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0862 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0890 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0895 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0906 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0911 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0922 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0914 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0926 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0951 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0966vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0964 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0972 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0975 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0979 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0984vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0989 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1001 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1005 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1013 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1007 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1015 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1020 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1028 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1035 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1032 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1042 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1043 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-1046 vanya-david-the-granary-estates-0824

Suppliers love: 

Venue: The Granary Estates

Wedding Dress: Fairytale Weddings

Suits: Suitros

Make up & hair artist: Ashley Kay Gifford

Second shooter: Tony Boyle 


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