A DIY wedding in Nottinghamshire with Humanist ceremony

“I can’t recommend Ania highly enough. She photographed our wedding in July 2017 and did the most fantastic job. The photographs perfectly captured the mood of the day, and we will treasure them. Ania was extremely professional, always on time, great communication – but also a joy to have around on such a wonderful day. I certainly didn’t want to feel like our photographer was a stranger at our wedding, and with Ania it never felt like that. Ania is worth every penny and I am recommending her to everyone I know!” 

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What is a Humanist Wedding Ceremony, you ask?

According to Humanism website www.humanism.org.uk, Humanist weddings are perfect for couples who would like:

“A  non-religious wedding ceremony that gives you the opportunity to marry where you want, when you want and how you want. There’s no set script. Instead, each wedding is tailored to meet the particular couple’s requirements. You can set the tone that’s right for you and choose your own words and music. ”

Helen & Mike

Helen & Mike got married at Glebe Farm, Nottingham in July. They had a wonderful outdoor humanist ceremony conducted by Celebrant accredited by the British Humanist Association, Douglas .

First of all, the couple had a ‘ring warming’ which is a humanist tradition. Their wedding rings were threaded on a ribbon, and passed around to guests during the ceremony. Each guest is asked to warm the rings in the their hands and send their love and best wishes before the rings make it back to the front ready for Bride & Grooms vows.

Helen & Mike got married on a platform on the edge of the lake, which was absolutely beautiful. Also, Helen’s mum has grown all the flowers from seed on her allotment, and done the arrangements with Helen’s sister, including the bouquets and button holes. Mike’s mum has made all the bunting and the fabric napkin rings. In addition, Helen’s sister, Claire, has made all the signs. In addition, all the cakes were made by couples friends and family 🙂

The band – The Bullets – were all close friends of the bride and groom and they were absolutely amazing – had everyone up on the dancefloor! Lots of Helen & Mike’s friends were camping on the campsite, which is part of the same field. Bride & Groom were also camping – their tent was the one with a sign that said ‘bridal suite’! 🙂

wedding straight on sign hanged on a treeflowers in a vase on a table photographed by Wedding Photographer Nottinghamwedding dress hanging on a door frame five girls sitting round the table and putting make up on mum and daughter giving each other hugs in a hallway girl standing by the window wiping a tear from cheek helen-mike-glebe-farm-5helen-mike-glebe-farm-7 wedding sign on a pallet photographed by Wedding Photographer Nottingham helen-mike-glebe-farm-10 helen-mike-glebe-farm-11 helen-mike-glebe-farm-13 helen-mike-glebe-farm-14 helen-mike-glebe-farm-15 helen-mike-glebe-farm-16 helen-mike-glebe-farm-18helen-mike-glebe-farm-17helen-mike-glebe-farm-19 helen-mike-glebe-farm-20 helen-mike-glebe-farm-21 helen-mike-glebe-farm-22 helen-mike-glebe-farm-23 helen-mike-glebe-farm-24 helen-mike-glebe-farm-25 helen-mike-glebe-farm-26 helen-mike-glebe-farm-27 helen-mike-glebe-farm-28 helen-mike-glebe-farm-29 helen-mike-glebe-farm-30 helen-mike-glebe-farm-31 helen-mike-glebe-farm-33 helen-mike-glebe-farm-34 helen-mike-glebe-farm-35 helen-mike-glebe-farm-36 helen-mike-glebe-farm-37 helen-mike-glebe-farm-38 helen-mike-glebe-farm-39 helen-mike-glebe-farm-40 helen-mike-glebe-farm-41 helen-mike-glebe-farm-42 helen-mike-glebe-farm-43 helen-mike-glebe-farm-44 helen-mike-glebe-farm-45 helen-mike-glebe-farm-46 helen-mike-glebe-farm-47 helen-mike-glebe-farm-48 helen-mike-glebe-farm-49 helen-mike-glebe-farm-50 helen-mike-glebe-farm-51 helen-mike-glebe-farm-52 helen-mike-glebe-farm-53 helen-mike-glebe-farm-54 helen-mike-glebe-farm-55 helen-mike-glebe-farm-56 helen-mike-glebe-farm-57 helen-mike-glebe-farm-58 helen-mike-glebe-farm-59 helen-mike-glebe-farm-60 helen-mike-glebe-farm-61 helen-mike-glebe-farm-62 helen-mike-glebe-farm-63 helen-mike-glebe-farm-65 helen-mike-glebe-farm-64helen-mike-glebe-farm-66 helen-mike-glebe-farm-68helen-mike-glebe-farm-67
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Huge shout out to my second shooter, Lydia Harper – you are a star my lovely!


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