Katie and Ben’s contemporary lawn style stretch tent wedding in Buckinghamshire

“OMG, this is mental! We love them so much, we spent all night last night with them on slideshow over and over! Thank you so much, they really bring back all the little details. We can’t wait to share them all with our families 🙂 “

bride and groom on the dancefloor starting their first dance with raised hands

Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire

Katie and Ben met 11 years ago at a rugby match and finally tied the knot last month. Katie is an event manager and planned the whole wedding on her own and what a wonderful job she has done! 🙂

I absolutely loved the choice of location and the stretch tent they chose to host their guests in . I’m a sucker for tipi and tent weddings and you can take a look at my previous work here if you fancy 🙂

One of the highlights of the day happened at the church….imagine after saying your vows and all of a sudden the music comes on and a guy comes from the end of the church and starts signing “All You Need Is Love”! Katie’s mum hired a professional singer as a surprise to sing at the church and oh boy if you could see the ir faces when it all happened – absolutely priceless! 🙂

Ben and his best man Tom “Woody” have known each other for 24 years and he had proposed with tequila and asked him to be the best man on his wedding day – how sweet is that?? Ben obviously said yes 😉

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What Katie, The Bride said:

“We plan to start our day very traditional. Girls in a little cottage (with my oldest childhood friends and sister with me). Boys get ready in the hotel, having a laugh with oldest childhood and recent friends. In addition, boys get a lift to the pub for ONE pint before it all kicks off. Traditional village church setting, families sitting on opposite sides of the church, groomsmen being super helpful, chatty and friendly to all guests no matter how much they know them.

Intimate, special, beautiful ceremony. Also there is a stain glass window at the back of the church which immediately caught our eye, when we first walked into this church. The surrounding countryside out to the rear of the church is beautiful and so is the original entrance which opens onto the this countryside. This church door will hopefully be in bloom, with a rose arch above it and where we will walk out and have some photos done with family.

Off to the reception venue, where open field meets contemporary lawn style stretch tent venue. Italian style big family reception with fresh cured meats, bread, prosecco, beers, old style swing music. The meal will be round tables with a long top table, speeches from the father of the bride, father of the groom, the groom and the best man, lots of photos of people laughing and crying to memorable speeches. The evening starts…. And tradition goes out the Window. Let the dance moves begin!”

wedding venue photographed from the front by Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire best man tying grooms tie photographed by Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire best man and groomsmen standing in line and looking at each other groom standing in the garden with one hand in pocket looking at the camera photograph of grooms flowery tie close up photographed by Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire groom and best man looking into the sky and with hand up protecting eyes from sun front view of the cottage surrounded by flowers photo of top half of the wedding dress hanging on a door surrounded by roses pink wedding shoes and bouquet on the table photographed by Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire pink wedding shoes standing sideways on a table bride looking into the mirror checking up her make up and smiling close up of brides make up bride holding present pouch for bridesmaids saying and so the adventure begins bride sitting in the garden surrounded by bridesmaids giving presents out bride sitting on a chair outside opening presents bride shocked sitting on a chair after opening present from bridesmaids bridesmaid standing in the garden and laughing bride and bridesmaids in the garden chatting photographed by Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire bride sitting on stairs putting her wedding shoes on dad with opened hands seeing his daughter in wedding dress black and white photo of dad wearing sunglasses and smiling at the daughter bride and bridesmaids standing outside the cottage bride standing in front of the cottage with flowers photographed by Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire dad holding daughters wedding dress both looking down at the flower girl bride and flower girl walking down the aisle groom and best man waiting for bride to arrive by the altar dad holding daughters hand by his chest and looking at her with love in the church singer standing in the middle of the aisle in the church singing katie-ben-wedding-324 guests signing and have their hands up in the air inside the church bride hiding her head in her hands in shock and groom laughing flower girl dancing in the middle of aisle in the church photographed by Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire bride and groom standing together outside the church pea salad on the table cheese and bread stick displayed on the table pasta displayed on the table in roast lamb pot flower pot on the table tray of cured meat being held by a waiter tables inside stretch tent top table decorations inside stretched tent venu katie-ben-wedding-427 mr and mrs atkin sign inside the tent food displayed on a wooden table outside the tent venue cured meat on a blue plate bread chunks in bread basket photographed by Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire guests outside on a field flower girl climbing the fence on her white dress basket for post and cards for bride and groom top table plan with names photo of stretch tent on a field with lights and white fence katie-ben-wedding-494 bride and groom looking at a photo laughing photo of a picture of bride and groom bride and groom looking at the camera smiling at pointing at their rings katie-ben-wedding-530 katie-ben-wedding-535 katie-ben-wedding-538 katie-ben-wedding-541 katie-ben-wedding-545 katie-ben-wedding-548 katie-ben-wedding-555 katie-ben-wedding-589 katie-ben-wedding-591 katie-ben-wedding-594 katie-ben-wedding-620 katie-ben-wedding-659 katie-ben-wedding-663 katie-ben-wedding-694 katie-ben-wedding-715 katie-ben-wedding-717 katie-ben-wedding-722 katie-ben-wedding-741 katie-ben-wedding-743 katie-ben-wedding-748 katie-ben-wedding-752 katie-ben-wedding-756 katie-ben-wedding-787 katie-ben-wedding-801 katie-ben-wedding-805 katie-ben-wedding-810 katie-ben-wedding-829 katie-ben-wedding-843 katie-ben-wedding-846 katie-ben-wedding-851 katie-ben-wedding-852 katie-ben-wedding-854 katie-ben-wedding-860 katie-ben-wedding-875 katie-ben-wedding-889 katie-ben-wedding-897 katie-ben-wedding-901 katie-ben-wedding-905 katie-ben-wedding-910 katie-ben-wedding-915 katie-ben-wedding-919 katie-ben-wedding-925 katie-ben-wedding-927 katie-ben-wedding-929 katie-ben-wedding-934 katie-ben-wedding-940 katie-ben-wedding-943 katie-ben-wedding-952 katie-ben-wedding-956 katie-ben-wedding-961 katie-ben-wedding-975 katie-ben-wedding-976 katie-ben-wedding-977 katie-ben-wedding-993 katie-ben-wedding-996 katie-ben-wedding-998

Suppliers love: 

Venue: iDo, The Country Wedding Company

Wedding Dress: Serendipity Bridal

Suits: Vintage Suit Hire Bedford

Make up artist: Linda M Brown

Hair: Aristocuts

Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS


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