Wedding at Plum Park Hotel, Towcester | Ellie & Andy

Plum Park Hotel Wedding Photography

“Wow Ania, we are blown away by these! You are so so so so amazing!!! Thank you so much! We love them all and can’t stop looking at them ?”ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-76


Ellie & Andy got married in August last year at Plum Park Hotel, Northamptonshire. It was my first time at this beautiful venue and I absolutely loved it! Especially the gardens and the greenhouse 🙂 So if you are getting married there and are looking for the best Plum Park Hotel Wedding Photography – I’m your girl! 🙂 You can check if I’m still free on your wedding date here

The venue

When Ellie & Andy got  engaged they knew that they wanted a civil ceremony with the reception in the same place. Due to Andy being in a functions band and playing lots of wedding venues in Northamptonshire they were on the hunt for somewhere that Andy hadn’t played. We were coming up with lots of vetos until Ellie’s friend said ‘have you heard of Plum Park?’. It turned out they hadn’t and Andy hadn’t played there either so we went to have a look. As soon as they drove up the driveway they were in ore and immediately loved the laid back feel and the beautiful gardens and house. They booked it there and then.

The dress & suit

After trying lots of different dresses, Ellie went back to the style she loved and the dress she picked had that extra detail and made her feel like a bride. Ellie’s dress was from Serendipity in Weedon.

Andy wanted to buy his suit and not hire one but as he is 6ft 5inches he finds it difficult to buy one off the rack. Andy’s suit was hand tailored and was purchased from St Crispins Bespoke Menswear. His tie and pocket square were from the same place. For sentimental reasons his cufflinks are borrowed from his grandfather.

Special touches

The signs – The couple wanted some finishing touches that were personal to them. One of the signs had a quote from Andy in his proposal to Ellie –  ‘Let’s Start with Forever’. One has the timings of the day but in words that they wrote and mean things to them and made others laugh.

One of the special parts in the day was the exchange of a Horseshoe from Lily, bride’s niece. This has been a tradition dating back to when Ellie’s nan got married on 10th September 1949. The Horseshoe was then passed to Ellie’s mum in 1973 by the youngest in the family. Then in 1981 it was passed by my sister to my aunty. Ellie’ sister then received the horseshoe 2 years ago by her daughter in 2015.

Here is a small selection of my favourite image from Ellie & Andy’s wonderful day, enjoy! 🙂

ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-8 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-7 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-1 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-3 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-2 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-4 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-5 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-6 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-9 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-11 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-12 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-13 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-14 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-15 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-16 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-17 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-18 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-19 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-20 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-21 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-22 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-23 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-24 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-25 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-26 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-28 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-27 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-29 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-30 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-31 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-32 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-33 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-34 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-35 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-37 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-38 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-40 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-41 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-42 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-43 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-44 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-45 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-47 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-48 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-49 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-50 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-52 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-53 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-54 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-55 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-56 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-57 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-58 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-59 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-60 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-61 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-62 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-63 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-64 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-65 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-67 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-68 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-69 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-70 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-71 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-73 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-72 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-74 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-75 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-77 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-79 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-78 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-80 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-81 ellie-andy-plum-park-hotel-82




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