About me

Hi – I’m Ania, and I’m a photographer who likes to do things a little bit differently. I live in Wellingborough, United Kingdom. My photography style is natural and focused on genuine emotions and beautiful moments.Back in 2010 I picked up my first camera and it became my new friend and a tool to tell stories. I would describe my style as photojournalistic. The most important things to me are real moments, emotions and people; the connection between you and your family and friends.

My philosophy – There’s something magical about capturing intimate moments between couples madly in love, happy families & children. Either at your family, engagement session or wedding day, I want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and just be yourself. I value trust, honesty & kindness.


10 things about me…

  • I love all apple products (I don’t know how I lived without my IPhone & IMac before!)
  • Traveling is a big part of my life. Trying new food, meeting new people and exploring the beauty of our planet- that’s what this is all about.
  • I love plants – I literally have an indoor garden at my home
  • I hate shopping. End of. Unless it’s photography related shopping, of course 😉
  • I am a huge animal lover and prefer them to humans sometimes
  • I’m a hippie and minimalist at heart
  • I grew up most of my life just me, my little brother and my mummy and she’s one of my best friends
  • I was born in Poland and came to England to study back in 2006 and never want to leave – I love it here! 🙂
  • I was a vegetarian for 10 years, but now I eat fish and poultry as well
  • You might not think it at first glance, but my favourite music is of the heavier variety…but I also have an obsession with Ed Sheeran!


What’s in my bag?

I shoot with Canon equipment for no other reason than it’s what I have always shot with. If you are into the specifications, I shoot with a Canon5D Mark III and use Canon5D Mark II as a back up. What lenses do I use? 35 1.4L, 50mm 1.4, 24-70 2.8L, 85 1.4, and the 70-200 2.8L.


I know there are so many photographers out there to choose from, so I am super happy you are interested in working with me! Photography is an important thing & as a maker of photographs, it’s an honour to capture your story & shine a light on the beautiful moments of your life.

Disclaimer : I like to do things a little bit differently so if you are looking just for a business relationship then I might not be for you. I like to get to know my couples and families I work with, connect with them, meet up for coffee and simply be friends 🙂 I want to work with people who feel a connection with my work and believe in the importance of storytelling .

My wedding photography pricing is pretty simple. My full day wedding collection includes all the important things and it’s your choice to decide if you’d like to get any of the extras like an album or second shooter. Drop me an email at or send me a message via my contact form and I’ll send you my wedding pricing brochure.


  • Initial & pre-wedding consultations to help you plan the day and ensure you get the images you want, without being rushed or feeling stressed
  • Coverage – Starting with the preparations of the Bride/Groom and finishing after your first dance as a married couple
  • A minimum of 400 fully edited high resolution images
  • Personalised USB
  • An online gallery to view and share your wedding photos with your friends & family
  • A complimentary Engagement shoot


Family sessions take place on location using beautiful natural light – our best friend – all year round. For a location shoot we could go to a local park or local village – I am open to your ideas! I will spend around 2 hours with you during the shoot.

The main goal for me is for you to enjoy the experience and feel comfortable. So don’t be nervous on the day, be sure, we will have a lot of fun! 🙂 I won’t ask you to pose for hours, I want you to be as natural and relaxed as you can.

Family sessions start from as little as £99.

Contact me at or via my contact form and I’ll send you a full pricing brochure with package details.


How can I book you?

Please get in contact via my contact form or email at and tell me a little about your big day or session you have in mind. I will be in touch as soon as possible to let you know if I’m available, and we’ll take it from there.

Where are you based?

I currently live in Wellingborough, United Kingdom but travel all over the UK for weddings and I am available for international weddings as well.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, if you’d like to go ahead and book me for your awesome day, I will need a 1/3  of the full amount to secure the date for weddings and £30 for family sessions.

Do you edit your images?

Yes, your USB will be full of lovingly edited colour images, with a selection of black and whites as well. Please note that I don’t hand over RAW files at any time, and the number of images taken throughout the day will exceed the number of final images delivered on USB.

Do we have copyright of our images?

I retain the copyright at all times, but I always obtain permission from my customers before posting images online – your privacy is always respected. This does not affect you making prints in any way.

How many pictures will we get from our wedding or family session?

For a full day wedding you will receive a minimum of 400 photos in high resolution all edited individually one by one and with regards to family session it all depends on the package you choose.

Do you bring backup gear?

Absolutely! Let’s just say – whatever breaks, I have a backup plan for it.

Okay, I’ve booked my family session – where do we take the pictures? 

With my style of shooting, I love to use the world that surrounds us as our backdrop. I love a great forest setting with lots of colours, textures and little hidden spots that turn out to be fantastic scenery in your photos. I have tons of pre-saught out locations but would love to hear any recommendations you may have.

Animals, got a problem with that?

Not at all, love’em all! All family members should be included.



“Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly” Le Petit Prince

No weddings are the same. But one thing they have in common – they start early and finish very late.

Marriage is awesome.  I think it marks the beginning of one of the greatest adventures of all time.  I have the opportunity to document that beginning. That adventure.  I get to tell a couple’s story on one of the greatest and happiest days of their lives.  I love that responsibility and opportunity.

When you book me for the whole day I am with from your morning preparation right through until after your first dance. I love to tell your whole wedding story, I don’t work to a time limit, I am there to document your wedding naturally as it happens when it happens.

I see myself as a visual storyteller.  Every wedding tells a different story.  Every couple has their likes, dislikes, quirks, personalities and what makes them unique.

  • I love couples who love to laugh. I love to laugh, so it’s a pretty big deal 😉
  • I love dreamers, creative minds and those who want to express themselves as individuals on their wedding day through their details and other things
  • I strongly believe that every wedding story is different, I want to capture the things I feel, and the things that are actually happening before me

If you have any questions about pricing or just want to get to know me better you can drop me an email at or simoly fill out my contact  form.

I’d love to tell your story.


Family Sessions

“Family –  a group of people, each a unique masterpiece, sharing unconditional love, hugs and support; one of life’s greatest blessings; cherish always” 

People are so interesting and I love capturing their spirit on my camera; my goal is to convey their feelings, thoughts, emotions and preserve them forever in a photograph.

You know what I’m talking about. That twinkle of deep affection in a father’s eye when he looks over to his wife holding their first born. The calm serenity that overcomes an expecting woman as she gently touches her belly. The heat between a newly engaged couple who can’t seem to stop staring at each other. The commanding presence of a teenager who’s posing with enough confidence for their entire class, or that ounce of mischief in a brother’s sly grin as he looks up at his older sister.

To me, portrait and family photography is all about capturing emotions, personalities and the dynamics of various relationships. And when I photograph you and your loved ones, that’s always my goal.

And please remember – I want you to have lots of fun on the day and I promise I won’t ask you to pose for hours, I want you to be as natural and relaxed as you can 🙂