Couple cuddling at Barn Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire

Barn Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire – Dodmoor House

Barn Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire – Dodmoor House

Hayley and Kieran wanted their guests to feel relaxed and enjoy the day without it being too structured. Their inspiration has been warm, cosy, and twinkly vibes during the day and a big party to celebrate in the evening, which is why they have gone for a DJ and saxophonist. Dodmoor House is a gorgeous barn wedding venue in Northamptonshire, and the couple has tried to keep decor to a minimum with green foliage and candles.

Barn Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire, Dodmoor House
table decoration inside Dodmoor house
flower girl is lovingly touching brides dress in the morning before the ceremony
bride is having her makeup done and having blusher applied with a brush
bridesmaids and bride reveal
two girls holding hands and walking up the aisle
groom and best man standing at the top of the aisle looking at eachother
mother on the bride walking down the aisle on her own wearing sparkly dress and waving to guests
black and white photo of groom and his best man waiting for the ceremony to start being all nervous
bride facing the groom and smiling at him during ceremony
bride and groom facing eachother in a candlelight room and looking into eachothers eyes
newlywed couple standing in a candlelit room and holding hands
a lot of confetti being thrown at a couple inside a barn at Dodmoor House
Groom holding his wife around her waist and kissing her
bride and her bridesmaids looking at eachother and smiling
groom with groomsmen looking at the camera with hands in their pockets
bride posing with a group of men inside a barn
couple kissing romantically

Winter sunsets are the best!

As it was a January wedding, it started getting dark quickly. However, we were super lucky and got the most incredible sunset. When your photographer says, “NOW is the time to have your couple’s portraits,” listen to them. I promise you, it will be so worth it, and you will end up with the most magical golden hour photos.


The year Hayley and Kieran got married was also a year they celebrated being together for 10 years—so special! The bride is a big Abba fan, and they had a ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ remix song played as the couple entered the room for the wedding breakfast. After the meal, Hayley’s three friends made a speech and toasted with tequila shots.

The Party at Dodmoor House

The couple chose one of my favourite songs for their first dance, Fleetwood Mac – Dreams. Everyone joined in the party and karaoke pretty quickly! The bride was the definition of the Dancing Queen and didn’t come off the dance floor even for a minute!

” We were both most looking forward to celebrating us and partying with the people we love!”

bride standing and looking directly at the camera
bride and groom standing in the garden at Barn Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire, Dodmoor house and kissing
married couple at golden hour looking at the camera smiling
bride leaning her head on grooms shoulders tenderly
bride and groom standing next to each other in the garden at Dodmoor house and admiring sunset
bride and groom holding hands and walking in the backyeard at Barn Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire Dodmoor House
Bride and groom cuddled up facing the sun
bride and groom during golden hour looking into eachothers eyes
bride has her had around grooms waits and both posing for the camera
couple hugging and groom kissing brides temple tenderly
bride and groom walking in the garden on a path during golden hour
woman smiling
man being happy and waving napkin
people cheering with their champagne glasses
groom doing a speech whilst all the guests are looking at him and bride wiping a tear with a napkin
groom looking at his bride lovingly whilst she's looking down and smiling
cake on a table with sparklers
a wedding guest smiling and giving out tequila shots to guests
bride and groom eating a lemon after having a tequila shots
bride & grooms first dance
bride and her friend singing to a microphone on a dancefloor
black and white photo of a sparkly dress in motion
bride holding her grandmas hands whilst 2 men are holding her chair up on a dancefloor
saxophonist playing on a dance floor whilst bride and groom are dancing
woman in pink suit holding her shoes on a dance floor

Wonderful suppliers

Venue: Dodmoor House
Dress: Lilian West from Silver Sixpence Bridal Boutique

If you are looking for an amazing barn wedding venue in Northamptonshire, Dodmoor House is one of the best! It’s one of my favourite local venues; the staff is wonderful, and there’s lots of beautiful places for photos (even on a rainy day!).


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