Woodland themed DIY wedding in the New Forest | Laura & Melissa

Laura & Melissa’s woodland themed wedding in the New Forest was very intimate and so relaxed! I was so excited when they booked me to be their Hampshire Wedding Photographer!

‘We love the photos and you captured the whole day beautifully – we love all of them! Thank you so much, you’re very talented!”



Laura and Melissa got married in summer at the gorgeous Moorhill House Hotel, which is a stunning hotel in the New Forest. They had their ceremony at the same venue as the reception, which was great, because having everything in one venue meant more time for mingling. They chose Moorhill House Hotel because it’s where they always wanted to have their wedding and they just love it there. It was a woodland themed wedding, which was so very well planned! I love shooting DIY weddings weddings because it’s usually really so gorgeous.

Getting ready

Laura & Melissa got ready in the morning with the closest family members, and the atmosphere was so calm. The couple then walked together to the ceremony. Laura & Melissa decided to walk down the aisle together, holding hands which I thought was super sweet! Those two ladies also decided to do a first look before the ceremony which was so special, and oh yes – there was tears as well!

Getting hitched

The wedding itself was an intimate affair in a beautiful room at Moorhill House Hotel. During the ceremony they read their own vows. It was so emotional. Laura’s dad also played the guitar & sang ‘Our Song’ as they were walking down the aisle.

The afternoon

The reception was at the same venue and they had a cocktail drinks reception in the afternoon, and an intimate family dinner in the evening. They decorated the venue with succulents and forest decor, because they’re the couple’s favourite things. I absolutely loved it and never seen such beautiful succulent centerpieces before! For dinner they had an afternoon tea, which was absolutely delicious. The first dance was a romantic slow dance, and they finished off the evening with everyone feeling so happy.

The funniest part of the day was when we went for Laura & Melissa’s photos and I got chased by a bunch of wild horses! This still makes me giggle haha!

Laura and Melissa’s wedding was everything I love about weddings and had such a fun atmosphere. Here’s their gorgeous wedding!

If you’re planning a woodland themed wedding, get in touch!

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