Sywell Grange Wedding | Donna & Ben

“The main reason we hired Ania over other photographers is because she made the effort to come to our home to meet us. As soon as we met her we felt instantly comfortable. We already felt cringey about getting photographed but meeting Ania made us feel at ease before we even planned our engagement shoot. 

From start to finish we loved working with Ania. It felt more like hanging out with a friend, Ania made us relax so much which was so important especially as I felt a bit nervous about being photographed. My nerves faded and you made me feel good about getting behind the lens! On the day Ania was fantastic! She fitted in with my family and bridesmaids in the morning. During the day she was so discreet taking natural shots which was so important to me as I didn’t want guests to feel uncomfortable.

Our photos are AMAZING and were better than I could ever imagine. There were too many to choose from to print! Now I have printed them I cannot stop looking at them. 

To all future clients thinking of hiring Ania – Do it!!! You won’t be disappointed!”



Where do I even start?! EPIC is the only word that springs to my mind when I try to describe Donna & Ben’s wedding at Sywell Grange Wedding Venue! Donna’s dress made my mouth drop when I first saw it in the morning and she looked absolutely stunning in it. And Ben didn’t look bad either 😉 The theme was ‘glam’ with pale pinks, gold and navy.

Donna & Ben’s spectacular wedding was my first (and definitely not my last) taste of the perks of a wedding at Sywell Grange. Stunning views, amazing warm July sun, amazingly decorated marquee and chilled pimms.

Venue: Sywell Grange

Second shooter: Pear & Bear Photography

Videographer: McGill Sister Films

Wedding planner: Emma Tuckley 

Wedding Dress: Serendipity Brides

Bridesmaid Dresses: Monsoon

Suits: Suitors

Flowers:Shirley Radomilovic

Make up artist: Kate Ward

Hair: Peachiboo Hair (Eve Mason)

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If you’re looking for a wedding photographer or know someone who does – get in touch! 🙂