Engagement session at Finedon Pocket Park

Woah.  These two.  What awesome people.

If I could go back and shoot this day again and again I’d say sign me up without even thinking.

Because Kasia and Mark are the perfect fit and so easy to work with and talk to. When they took me to this park in Finedon, Northamptonshire called The Pocket Park for their engagement session, I was over the moon! This park is literally only 10mins away from my house and I never knew about this beautiful place.

This place, their love, the wildness, the light, all of it has seriously stolen my heart.

They are such amazingly rad humans, full of laughter, a willingness to try new things even if it doesn’t work out, they are such good souls to be around. Thanks for being awesome guys.

Titan, Kasia & Mark’s german shepherd dog also joined us at the session. I always say that all family members must be included in the family or engagement session. He is also going to be playing big part at their wedding day, but more about that later…

Towards the end of our session, Mark found a way to get to the rapeseed flower field and those last few photos are my favourite – the light was absolutely perfect!

Thank you for inviting me into your love story and I can’t wait for your wedding this September!!

“Can I have you, 

your touch at night and your voice in the morning?

Can we travel

to Paris, Munich, London and fall in love over and over again in every city?

Can we have a future together

one where we’re happy and never tire of each other?

Can I love you, 

with everything I’ve got and for every day we have left? 

Can we have a love

that no others will compare to and everyone else lusts after?

Can i have all of this, 

with you,

and only you? “

Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-1 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-2 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-3 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-4 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-5 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-6 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-7 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-8 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-9 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-10 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-11 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-12 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-13 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-14 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-15 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-16 Finedon-Pocket-Park-Engagement-Session-17